New Here

Join us on Sunday at 9:30am

As you walk into Wabash, you will notice a friendly atmosphere, vibrant music, authentic teaching, safe and engaging environments for kids and youth, and many opportunities to meet people. We desire to create spaces where friendships are made and people are empowered to live abundant lives.

Questions? or 253-939-1330 (office)

What We Believe

About Jesus

Jesus wasn’t just an amazing teacher, he was God in flesh and blood. He showed us how to live and laid his life down for our sins. Three days later he rose again and invites us to share in his abundant life. He is the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

About Scripture

We firmly believe in the inerrancy of Scripture; that is to say we believe the Bible to be inspired by God and without error. It imparts wisdom, conviction, correction, and ultimately reveals to us the person and work of Jesus Christ.

About Singing

Singing brings people together. So part of our services involves singing to our Creator. We want to call to mind the many great things he has done for us. We invite you to join us in lifting your voice, whether or not you think you can sing.

About Giving

If you are new here, we don’t expect you to give. We aren’t out to get your money. You are our guest, and we are glad you are here. We want you to feel welcome here, so when the offering plate is passed, don’t worry about it.

Who is Wabash?

An Auburn church who loves Jesus

(though folks come from all over, especially Enumclaw)

Wabash Church desires to Know the Word, Live the Word, & Spread the Word as disciples of the Living Word, Jesus Christ.

We are an Auburn church, and we are known for being friendly, real, and loving the Bible.  Join us Sunday, take a listen to one of our sermons, or meet our staff.

Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Who is the EPC?

Our name describes us well. The EPC is both evangelical and Presbyterian. We are evangelical in our zeal for the gospel, as well as evangelism, missions, and living obediently as followers of Jesus. At the same time, we are rooted deeply in the Protestant Reformation and especially the theological and pastoral work of John Calvin. We embrace the Westminster Confession of Faith as our doctrinal standard, and the rule of spiritually mature elders linked together regionally as the best way to guide local congregations.
About the EPC