Wabash United aims to reach students where they are at with the good news of Jesus Christ. We aim to build them and their families in faith and discipleship, and then send them to reach others with the good news. Reach, build, send – that's what we're here for.

UNITED (Wednesday Night)
Our youth group meets every Wednesday night. Anyone grades 6 to 12 can join us. Just make sure to get there at 6:30pm. We’re usually done by 8:30pm.
The night looks like this: hang out, games, worship, learn, small group discussion.
We meet in the Youth Room on the corner of the church campus. We have two church vans that do pickup and drop off – please inquire with Ben if your student needs a ride. First time vanriders, you must print this form and have your parents fill it out before riding in the van.

After our 9:30am church service, Wabash has Sunday school for all ages. All students grades 6 to 12 meet in the Youth Room. We usually split into middle-school and high-school groups for our lessons.

WORSHIP TEAM (Wednesday Nights)
Under the leadership of our worship pastor Anthony, we train students to use their talents in leading worship. Students develop their instrumental, vocal, and/or technical abilities. We rehearse weekly at 5:00pm and perform every Wednesday night during the school year.

Besides our regular programs, we do special events, retreats, and trips. Please check our Facebook group page for updates and subscribe to our email updates.

Besides our Youth Pastor, we have a 14 adult volunteers and parents that cherish our students and run our ministry.

Hey there, this is Ben and I’m thrilled to serve as Director of Youth Ministries at Wabash.
I grew up in a Christian family, yet it was broken family. Even though we were a Christian family, I didn’t consider myself a Christian. In fact, I was even hostile against Christians. I hated it when my mom would force me to go to church. I thought it was boring, I didn’t believe what they believed, and the other students were cliquey and unwelcoming.
As a teen, I found that life at school, at home, and with friends was sort of empty and unfulfilling. I knew there had to be more to life than this. At the same time, I went through some hard stuff. After dealing with the drama of dating, family, and friend troubles, I found myself looking for answers.
I decided to give God a chance. I went on a mission trip, went to camp, and started going to youth group. I discovered that Christians aren’t as cliquey and unwelcoming as I thought. And actually, youth group was sort of fun when I gave it a fair chance.
In just a short time, I was transformed and on fire for God. I was that kid who went to church twice a week, brought my Bible to school, and had the guts to talk to my friends about Jesus. I was that kid who knew every Sunday school answer, listened only to Christian music, and wore WWJD bracelets.
So if you’re anything like I was as a student – not interested in God; kind of confused or unfulfilled with life; testing out youth group; or on fire for God – I hope you’ll feel welcome at Wabash United. Like me, I hope you’ll find the story of Jesus so captivating that you can’t help but to change your life around.
After high school, I went to college at Trinity Western University in BC, Canada and majored in Religious Studies. I helped out an inner-city Vancouver youth group while I lived there. I met Jen and we got married in 2006. We lived in Korea for two years teaching English to kids. We’ve spent a lot of time traveling, going to more than 40 countries. We moved to Enumclaw in 2009 and have the three cutest kids ever.

Wabash United: Club
Wednesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Sundays 11:00-11:59am


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